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Thank you for your work, Konstantin Anatolyevich!

May 07, 2024
Thank you for your work, Konstantin Anatolyevich!

Dinamo head coach Konstantin Ushakov is leaving our team upon the expiration of his contract.

Konstantin Anatolyevich has been in charge of Dinamo since November 9, 2021. Under his leadership, our club won gold and bronze in the Russian championship, won the Russian Cup twice, as well as the Russian Super Cup once, the Centennial Cup of domestic Volleyball and the Spartakiad of the Strongest, when the Moscow national team was represented by Dinamo volleyball players.

Under Ushakov's leadership, Dinamo played 140 matches in all tournaments (including the Spartakiad of the Strongest) from November 2021 to April 2024: 117 wins, 376:133 - the ratio of won and lost games.