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20 years at the forefront of Russian volleyball

May 12, 2024
20 years at the forefront of Russian volleyball

Today, the Dinamo Women's Volleyball Club (Moscow) celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The club was established on May 12, 2004 in order to bring back to life the legendary Dinamo women's team (Moscow), which ceased to exist in 1992.

All the years that have passed since that day, we have worked hard, won many glorious victories, and passed the tests with honor, which united and strengthened us! We have raised the glorious Dinamo name, gained high prestige at home and abroad, revived the victorious traditions of our veterans, and educated many players who became world and European champions as part of the Russian national team. The strongest female volleyball players in the world from other countries and continents began to be considered an honor to play for our team.

We look to the future with confidence and believe in new achievements on the path of glorification of the club and the entire Dinamo movement. With special gratitude, we congratulate our partners today, cooperation with whom helped us to go this way! We would like to express our sincere words of gratitude today to the main leaders of our victories - players and coaches of different generations, veterans of the team! Today we congratulate our fans and everyone who helped us walk this path together! Happy 20th anniversary to you, dear friends! Thanks for the help and support!