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101 years of VFSO Dinamo!

April 18, 2024
101 years of VFSO Dinamo!

On April 18, 1923, the first proletarian sports society Dinamo was established in Moscow. Today we celebrate 101 years since our birth!

Dinamo was created as an organization that provides sports opportunities to employees of security and law enforcement agencies. At the first stage of its history, the main task of the Dinamo Society was to improve the moral and volitional qualities, physical and combat training of the personnel of the country's security agencies, and the development of service and applied sports. In 1926, the famous Dinamo emblem, designed by A.Borisov, a football player of the first generation of the Dinamo team, appeared - a white diamond containing the letter "D", a sample of the flag of the Dinamo Society and a white and blue uniform of athletes with the Dinamo emblem were approved. Sports medicine first appeared in Dinamo and only later in other sports societies of our country, most of which were created in the USSR in the image and likeness of the Dinamo organization. In 1937, the Dinamo Society was awarded the USSR's highest award, the Order of Lenin, for outstanding achievements in the development of sports.

Today Dinamo is the only all–Russian public-state sports organization operating in all regions of the Russian Federation, which is really involved in solving state tasks both at the federal and regional levels. We are proud to glorify the name of the great club, to continue the glorious history and traditions of Dinamo and join the congratulations!