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Vladimir Zinichev: Who better to care Gioli?

April 22, 2011
Vladimir Zinichev: Who better to care Gioli?

 Director General of Dinamo Moscow, Vladimir Zinichev in an exclusive interview to universum spoke about the situation with Simona Gioli, the contract with Vladimir Kuzyutkin and shared his vision of the problems of Russian women's volleyball.

- What explains the decision to hold the second leg quarterfinal series with Samorodok in Moscow?

- The answer is obvious. It was beneficial for both teams. In the 21 round Samorodok and Dinamo match held in Khabarovsk, and then in the final round of Samorodok playing with Krasnodar on the road. The first match of the playoffs our team performed in Moscow. Fly then again in Khabarovsk was unprofitable to us or our competitors. Khabarovsk traditionally strong play at home, but as you can imagine, this is largely due to the heavy flight and the difference in time zones. In our case, this advantage in Khabarovsk would not be, because we have traveled from Moscow to Khabarovsk together and would be in the same state. In this situation, at the end of the regular season, we started negotiations with the Samorodok and quickly came to a consensus is to save money, and most importantly is the strength and health of players. When I point out that Dinamo's not conducting one home match at home anymore, we're playing at the Sports Palace in the street Apophis, which is the home ground for the Kaliningrad Dinamo-Yantar. So that we can still play at a party, another thing is that for the Samorodok, this area is not home. The only one who seemed to have suffered in this situation is a spectator in Khabarovsk. But to have this reason we still have no luck in Khabarovsk basic structure and moved to the denouement of our series on the third match in Moscow. Would have been a situation similar to the one that prevailed before the 1921 tour, when assessment of our chances to fight for victory in the regular season, we decided to make an exit alternates. The press then discussed at length our defeat with a score 3:25 into the first batch. I do not think that Khabarovsk fans a lot to lose if you do not see another such match.

- How did the team this year were three foreignes? At what point did you broke up with Simone Gioli?

- At the end of last season, as you recall, clubs appealed to the Federation with a request to change the order of application teams to the championship of Russia. From the leadership of the federation then sounded pretty clear statement that in future such a decision would be taken. Moreover, we stress that if no one talked about changing the quota of foreigners on the court. It was just about to let three foreigners be in the application and leave on the landing of two. Bearing in mind these statements, we agree with Parkhomenko, and Gioli. The final decision to uphold the previous limit was for us a revelation. We were forced to choose between star spiker and a great tie. Simona was eventually declared by us only in the Champions League. We seriously expected to win in this tournament, but when, unfortunately, lost the play-offs Scavolini, Gioli was, in fact, no match practice. In this situation, we decided together that it is reasonable to renegotiate the contract, the more so as the transfer window at this point has not yet closed. Simona went to her native Italian Conegliano, which is now the seventh in a series of A1, and  there one of the best and gaining 20 points per game.

- At what point was decided on the resignation of Valery Losev? And what results do you expect from Vladimir Kuzyutkin?

- I think Valery Losev one of the best coaches in our volleyball. This is also indicated, and his achievements, he has won the championship and National Cup, and with different teams. But as every coach, he has his own failures, their weaknesses. This season we have a little tiebreaker to the responsible Cup match with Kazan, then missed a victory, in fact, won the match Scavolini. These defeats have cost us dearly - we flew from the Russian Cup and Champions League. Losev same is a very demanding to people. Perhaps even this is the problem that sometimes it requires too much from myself and too little on others. He therefore appealed to the leadership and explained these failures of their own mistakes, took the blame. In this sense, the defeat is not in Krasnodar was the last straw, if you remember, it's generally been our first defeat in the championship. Just talking about retirement has continued to this moment for a long time.

The emergence of Kuzyutkin, team in the highest degree not by accident. His arrival caused, first of all, asking the leaders of our federation, explains this desire should be more effective preparatory process and close interaction coach and players in light of the upcoming Olympics. Kuzyutkin actively campaigned for the move, believing it is extremely necessary for the interests of the national team. While standing in the season before the team task has not been removed. Finish the season as it will, then be prepared specifically for the next - it's not our way. And all that is needed for the performance of the leadership tasks of high, the team has. After the departure from the Champions League we spared from the constant exhausting travel. Schedule of us comfortable is the game not more than once a week. Opponents say so "forgiving". Managed even a small fee to Anapa. So I repeat: we have everything that the coach has proved already this season.

- Always there has been talk on the narrowing of a super league, then the expansion, then its partition into two conferences ...How do you present formula championship?

- The trouble is that we are constantly looking for some kind of a special, unique way. Of course, it is clear that the federation concerned with the national team, because the most important metric by which to eventually evaluate its work in the Ministry of Sports - the number and dignity of the medals earned by our teams. But also in the national championship, too, has its own, in my opinion, a very high significance. Furthermore: team and the championship is communicating vessels, they are very responsive to occur or not occur, despite the need for, change. We should not forget that the championship is held for the spectators, it was who really can help promote volleyball in the country, engage in sports of children and youth. And it is the training ground for national team players. Here Nikolai Karpol recently often lamented, saying, volleyball now only entitled to money and commerce. And remember a time when Karpol itself determines the formula of the Russian Championship, with no money, but with even more powerful resource, in fact, absolute power, had the opportunity to take players from anywhere in the club (citing, of course, the interests of the team). Then the teams played each other without top players that have been used differently, as "Uralochka" enters the fight with a decisive stage. Stated that this was done in the interest of the team, but the championship was not any interest, competition, other clubs could not make, the chances of a competitive team of the European level there was no one, except, of course, "Uralochka. But quite efficient in terms of the way the medal - Vertical volleyball power, administrative resources, all financial instruments is in one place.
Now, the truth of this left, but to the civilized market relations did not come - there are some not very friendly hybrid. Pan-European way is not suitable, painfully looking for it.

We need to ask is not on changing the formula championship, and on how to trim the level of Super League clubs. Not only by reducing the lead and pulling all the leading. And for this we must use absolutely every available means, including the infamous quota on foreign players. There is no other option but to improve the level of the national championship by any means, I do not see. If we do not go for it, year after year to repeat the same situation when one or two of the club take to yourself all the good players, but others are forced to solve local problems. Will be continuous travel for migratory game, the real play-offs - as an exception. In the past, leadership captured by administrative authorities. Now - thanks to the money. Yes, you are a half dozen of the strongest women's volleyball team to buy and divide into two teams, it is possible for four ... but principally from this, nothing will change. If there is no training system in the country, professional clubs and the state federation can not replace. This does not exist anywhere, never will be ours. This is the case when want it from the clubs is bad for business. Star players carry a huge pedagogical potential, including for Russian coaches, not to mention the number of young players practicing. In the end, I repeat, we are making the championship to a great extent and for the fans. Well, who got better from Gioli now shines in the Italian championship? Yes, we must educate the young generation for the national team. But we can not completely shift this educational task at the clubs. In the same Italian clubs do not have the right to claim women's volleyball team of alien under 21 years old. But who interfere with already formed stars? To see them play, to train with them - it's School of Excellence.

Now we are chasing each summer from club to club the same middle peasants. As a result, according to my calculations, the salaries of players in the last 7 years have increased by 25 times! Money is used very inefficiently! Remember how at one time we fought with Zarehie because of Safronova, even went on a loud trial. And all because it was not in Russia, another such a stable host. At all the clubs players is not enough, we must open the gate for the best foreign, young and talented players as they will always find its place in the composition. And such examples is a lot. Do not get lost as Kosheleva and Goncharova! The main thing we should understand that clubs and club coaches, no less patriotic than the federation, and their voices also need to listen and allow them to solve their problems is to win on the European scene.