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Happy Coach's Day!

October 30, 2023
Happy Coach's Day!

Congratulations to the Dinamo coaches on this holiday - head coach Konstantin Anatolyevich Ushakov, senior coach Dmitry Konstantinovich Dyakov, coach Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov, statistics coach Sergei Borisovich Zhitov, physical fitness coach Anton Alekseevich Ivannikov, as well as sports director Leonid Nikolaevich Zaiko, who gave many years to coaching craft!

We wish our coaches success and patience in their work, good health, determination and positive emotions from their favorite work! May fortune always be on your side!

Coach's Day has been celebrated since 1999 on the initiative of the Federation of Sports and Rhythmic Gymnastics of Russia. The Coach's Day is dedicated to recognizing the merits of people who open the way for children and young people to the world of sports, who help athletes grow and improve, achieve victories and high results.