Ticket program of the season 2023/24

Venue of the matches: Arena Dinamo (Vasilisa Kozhina Street 13)


Address: Moscow, Vasilisa Kozhina Street 13


Tel.: +7 (495) 870 7020

General information:

   The newest Dynamo Sports Palace was put into operation in 2019. The stands of the sports complex are designed for 3.5 thousand spectators.
 The multi-storey volleyball center meets all the requirements of the International Volleyball Federation FIVB. The building has two training grounds, a sports and wellness center with a gym and a general physical training hall, a medical and rehabilitation center, a press center and a conference room. Special areas are equipped for media representatives and sports commentators.

Directions to the Arena Dinamo bus station on Vasilisa Kozhina Street

  • Park Pobedy metro station (15-20 minutes on foot)
    Option 1 (across ul. Barklaya)
    We get out of the first subway car from the center and then through exit No. 6. We walk along Barclay Street, on the left side relative to the road. We cross the road and continue walking (about 500 meters) along Barclay Street to the bus stop. We pass under the road, turn left and come to Vasilisa Kozhina Street. Turn right and walk straight along the left side of Vasilisa Kozhina Street, leaving the business center on the left. After 750 meters, there will be a stadium on the left.
    Option 2 (Across Alley Mira)
    We get out of the first subway car from the center and then through exit No. 5. We cross Kutuzovsky Prospekt through the underpass and swing to the left. We walk along the alley of peace for about 500 meters and then we see a bus stop on the right. Behind it there is an underground passage through Kutuzovsky Prospekt. We exit the underpass and cross the understudy. We go down to the aboveground crossing over the railway tracks and cross them. then we go down the stairs to the ground floor and turn left. We go straight and run into the stadium. We go around it counterclockwise and find ourselves near the main entrance (there will be a pedestrian crossing opposite it)
  • Filevsky Park metro station (15 minutes on foot)
    Exit to the city from the last car from the center (metro station "Filevsky Park" blue branch). We go upstairs, turn left and walk along Minsk Street (about 900 meters). At the same time, we cross a couple of roads without turning anywhere.Next, the sidewalk turns left, now we are walking (about 300 meters) along Vasilisa Kozhina Street.We cross a couple of roads without turning anywhere. And here is the new Dynamo stadium on the right! It remains to cross the road!
  • Bagrationovskaya metro station (15 minutes on foot)
    We exit the metro (the first car from the center), turn left and walk about 400 meters along Barclay Street. Then turn right and go down to Vasilisa Kozhina Street. Then we go 300 meters and turn right, continuing along Vasilisa Kozhina Street. We cross the road, leaving the business center on the left. After 700 meters there will be a stadium on the left.

Ticket sales

Tickets are sold for sectors C1-C4 and D1 (D2 and E1 if needed. It is also possible to open the upper tier).

Tickets are NOT SOLD for the rest of the sectors!

  • Ticket price: 200-700 rubles. 
  • For children under 7 years of age, admission is free (without taking a seat)

Tickets online

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